New World Order Power Play – Obama Hosts Global Summit For World Leaders


Plans for a fast approaching New World Order have gone into overdrive, with a Rothschild/Soros sorted out meeting of world pioneers, facilitated by unelected American pioneer Barack Obama, occurring in Chicago one month from now.

Barack Obama has stunned Washington D.C. with the oppressive move, seen as impolite to the properly chose president and an explicit strategic maneuver intended to introduce an unelected New World Order.

Talking in a limited time video for the universal summit, Obama walks the halls of energy and unfavorably cautions the world to "Prepare", clarifying that the Chicago meeting is intended to enable youngsters to make change.

“This October, we’re uniting several pioneers from all around the globe for a hands-on trade of thoughts in the place where I grew up — the city of Chicago,” the previous president declared in a clasp on Twitter.

“This administration summit will be a place to accumulate and gain from each other and afterward backpedal to your groups to lead others in the diligent work of progress,” he said.

The previous president will be joined at the summit by his significant other, previous first woman Michelle Obama.

The two-day inaugural summit, occurring October 31-November 1, will welcome several youthful pioneers to “trade thoughts, investigate innovative answers for basic issues and experience metro workmanship, innovation and music from around the globe,” as per the Obama Foundation.

Since leaving office, Obama has declined to remain out of the political shred, overlooking the most seasoned lead in the previous presidents’ handbook, and flagging his expectation to recover power and introduce the since a long time ago guaranteed New World Order by snare or by hooligan.

Working intimately with the predominant press, George Soros and the Rothschilds, the Obama machine keeps on crushing endlessly at this objective.