CIA: ‘Russian Soldiers Were Turned To Stone’ After Alien Attack


A declassified CIA report asserts that a troop of Russian officers were “transformed into stone by outsiders” after they endeavoring to firearm down the extraterrestrials.

As indicated by a best mystery record posted on the official CIA site – 23 Russian fighters kicked the bucket macabry because of a fight with a gathering of 5 outsiders in Siberia in 1993.

The Sun reports: The daily paper reports of a 250-page KGB dossier on the UFO assault, which included pictures and witness declarations, uncovers the Daily Express.

The report expressed the flying saucer had showed up finished a military unit preparing in Siberia.

One of the fighters is then said to have brought it down with a surface-to-air rocket.

It stated: “Five short humanoids with expansive heads and substantial bruised eyes got out.”

Only two troopers are said to have survived the experience.

The report claims five creatures rose up out of the slammed make and the combined to shape a wad of light which at that point detonated turning 23 fighters ‘into stone’.

The report peruses: “The KGB report goes ahead to state that the remaining parts of the ‘petrified fighters’ were exchanged to a mystery examine organization close Moscow.

“Pros accept that a wellspring of vitality still obscure to Earthlings in a split second changed the structure of the troopers living beings, having changed it into a substance whose sub-atomic structure was the same to limestone.”

A CIA delegate expressed toward the finish of the report: “If the KGB document relates to reality, this is a to a great degree threatening case.

“The outsiders have such weapons and innovation that go past every one of our suppositions.”

It is not clarified in the record why the CIA held an interpretation of the Ukrainian daily paper give an account of document.

As per UFO site and YouTube channel Lionsground, “you must be watchful about what the CIA distributes on the web, as it could be falsehood.”