Wednesday, January 24, 2018

North Korea claims CIA plotted to kill Kim Jong-un

A North Korean named "Kim" was paid for a biochemical attack on the supreme leader, officials say. BBC News - World

French election: Macron and Le Pen both claim debate success

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen each say they "exposed" their rival during a quarrelsome TV clash. BBC News - World

Alton Sterling shooting: ‘No charges’ for police over black man’s killing

Two police officers in Baton Rouge will not be charged over a killing that sparked days of protests. BBC News - World

US THAAD anti-missile defence now OPERATIONAL as Kim Jong-un threatens nuclear test

THE US anti-ballistic missile system, Terminal High Altitude Area Defence , based in South Korea is now operational, US officials have claimed. Daily Express ::...

Donald Trump: N Korea’s Kim Jong-un a ‘smart cookie’

The US president reflects on the young leader's rise and says "we'll see" about US military options. BBC News - World