Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Woman sentenced to death for adultery after SHE was raped at gunpoint by cousin

A 19-year-old woman has been sentenced to death after being raped by her cousin at gunpoint. Daily Express :: World Feed

Ghost town in Italy offering nearly £2,000 to anyone willing to move there

AN ITALIAN town is offering people nearly £2,000 and rock-bottom rent as an incentive to move there. Daily Express :: World Feed

Maths teacher ARRESTED after off-campus romps with THREE teenage students

A FEMALE teacher has been thrown behind bars over accusations she had sex with three teenage pupils. Daily Express :: World Feed

Moment ‘PETTY’ European leader MOVES British flag during EU press conference

THE clip of the Romanian President moving the Union flag away from his face - as well the EU flag - during an press...

WATCH: Shocking moment as woman drives down a motorway going the WRONG WAY

THIS is the scary moment a female driver was seen racing the wrong way down a motorway. Daily Express :: World Feed

UAE citizens who publicly express sympathy for Qatar face £100,000 fine

THE United Arab Emirates has banned people from publishing expressions of sympathy towards Qatar and will punish offenders with a jail term of up...

Commanding the skies? WW3 fears mount as Kim Jong-un inspects new anti-aircraft system

FEARS North Korea could be developing a new missile system emerged after the secretive state’s official media released new images of Kim Jong-un observing...

Le Pen or Macron? Football legend Zidane makes SHOCK intervention in French election

FRENCH football legend Zinedine Zidane has made a shock intervention into politics to demand voters to vote against Marine Le Pen. Daily Express :: World...

SECURITY WARNING: Now THOUSANDS of violent Islamist extremists could be living in Sweden

The number of radical militant extremists in Sweden has grown from a few hundred to at least a thousand, a top security official warned. Daily...

Greece latest: Fury over new bailout as critics slam EU and Tsipras over austerity

GREECE and its foreign creditors reached a deal this morning that is set to mark a new set of austerity measures across the already...
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